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High-Tech Health Phone Still Looks Cool

Japanese phone wants you thin and healthy

Japanese mobile phones come in a diversity which is as great as people’s personality, bringing solutions for all the issues they might have, even if not telecom related. A new handset will be introduced in NTT DoCoMo’s lineup, along with its great talent of measuring the user’s body fat or just how bad his breath is.

You’d think that having a scale in your pocket everyday is not something that people might want. Still, some find this extremely motivating for getting rid of some extra pounds and remembering to continue that diet. There is some communication enhancement provided, as this is supposed to improve the handset user’s social life. If that’s what he looks first of all, the bad-breath meter will do wonders in its interaction with other people. At least that’s what producers must have been thinking when introducing all these intriguing features in the mobile phone.

Another unusual type of information that the new device is capable of providing for its user is that of a padometer that counts how many steps the user has walked or what his pulse rate is at all times. One highly useful and surely many times annoying aspect is that the phone also gives back health advice based on the owner’s age, gender and bulk. Damn phone, how can it warn us to live a balanced life? It has never had to resist a chocolate dipped doughnut!

The phone is supposed to raise the interest of people in their own health and offer the needed support to those who want to lose some weight. “Our primary target groups would be fat-fighting middle-aged businessmen and young women on diets”, said Kentaro Endo, a spokesman for NTT DoCoMo.

Because of the health measuring technology that it includes, the handset has some rather large sizes, which might make it uncomfortable to carry around in the pocket. Still, its design highly resembles that of the iPhone, which might also earn it an extra point from some Apple fans out there. NTT DoCoMo will bring this mobile phone to its subscribers in the near future, although details are scarce at this point.

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